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Docs Translations

For our friends around the globe that speak languages other than English, Docs now includes the ability to translate your site. Every English word or phrase is available in the new Translate tab, where you can translate everything into your preferred language. Translations can differ on a per site basis, so you could actually support multiple sites in different languages.

Another great use of translations is re-labeling things to suit your own preference. If you'd like the search button to say, "Huzzah!" instead of "Search" (who wouldn't), you can update it to say just that.

Docs Translations

Happy Friday!

New App: Infusionsoft


Today we launched a new App for popular small business CRM Infusionsoft.

When you receive an email from a customer, this App will import contact information, pull in the customer's key metrics (lifetime value, annual value and average order value) and display up to 10 recent orders or subscriptions. It will also pull in the 10 most recent tags for the customer.

What we're doing about OpenSSL and Heartbleed

Our team has been closely monitoring all developments with regard to an OpenSSL security issue, dubbed Heartbleed, which was announced on April 7. OpenSSL is a library used by web services to encrypt traffic over HTTPS, so this vulnerability impacted most web applications in some way.

By 11pm EST on April 8, all hardware that runs Help Scout was updated with the fix and SSL certificates have since been re-issued. Our status site, twitter feed and the Help Scout dashboard were all updated immediately.

We have no reason to believe any data was compromised as a result of Heartbleed, but as a precaution, active user sessions will be ended this weekend when activity is low. This means you will have to log in again, but no other action is required.

We also recommend changing your password from your user profile, especially if the password is used to login to other services. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email or send a tweet to @HelpScoutDev.

New Apps: Mixpanel, Shopify and Magento

We launched integrations today with three great web apps: Mixpanel, Shopify and Magento. Here's a brief summary of each:


This integration brings your People data into the customer sidebar. When a customer sends you an email, this App pulls in their Mixpanel profile, adds a link to view the profile in full and also displays up to 10 recent actions.

MixPanel App

Shopify and Magento

Our first two eCommerce Apps function very similarly on the Help Scout side although they are two different shopping carts.

When you receive an email from a customer, the App will import contact information, pull in the customer's key metrics (lifetime value, annual value and average order value) and display up to 10 recent orders. You can access order details or the customer's complete profile in a single click.

Shopify App

Docs gets an Upgrade

Today we launched two big Docs improvements:

All Articles folder and search

Until now, it's been difficult to find an article you need to edit, because you first have to click on the correct category folder. You won't have to do that moving forward, thanks to the All Articles folder. It lists everything in the collection and includes a handy search bar to quickly pull up what you need.

All Articles

New options and design updates for Sites

We've learned a lot about what you want from public websites now that Docs has been in the wild for a few months. Here's what's new:


Each and every Site, Collection and Category now has an optional description field. If you fill something in, the description will be shown in an appropriate spot on the website. In each case, the idea is to give visitors more context regarding where they are and what they are looking at.

Site Description
Example of the site description in action

Home page layout options

The default behavior for all Docs sites is to show the most popular articles on the home page. If you have multiple collections, we show up to 10 of the most popular articles for each collection on the home page.

Today we're introducing another home page option called Categories. Instead of listing the most popular articles, the website lists all the categories, complete with descriptions if you have them. This should provide some really nice flexibility so that you can further customize the look and feel of the home page. To change this setting, see the "Site Information" section of Docs Settings.


Updated single Collection home page layout

As you can see in the above screenshots, the home page has been updated for websites with a single collection. We've added the big search bar on top and show the content a bit differently. There aren't any big functional improvements here, we just think it looks a lot better. :-)

Happy Monday!